September online play reading

Our next online play reading will be held at 8 p.m. on Tuesday 29 September, when we’ll be reading an excerpt from Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor, a comedy comprised of a series of short plays. The Good Doctor is based on short stories and other works of Russian writer Anton Chekhov, turned into theatrical form by a ‘writer’ character, narrating them with his unique commentary. Given the online format and time constraints we will read two or at most three of the short plays.

The reading will be hosted by Shibani Bose in the form of a video conference via, with the number of participants limited to 11 (plus the host). AATG newcomers are particularly welcome to take part!

More information and how to join can be found here

The AATG Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 16th September 2020 with 13 members meeting in the Warehouse. All formalities were met and the following committee was voted in by acclamation. More information about the committee will members will appear on the About Us page soon

AATG Committee Officers

 Jenny Hall Chairman 

 Kyle Buijs: Vice-Chairman

 John Kearey  Secretary

 Peter Comley: Treasurer 

AATG Committee Ordinary Members

 Emma de Moel 

 John Hall

 Michael Connelly

 Catrin Cannock

A Message from the Chair - July 

     YEY, it’s summer ☀️ Holiday time! ☀️

Oh, wait, where can we go this year? Not far…. so if you are a bit lost as to what to do… Join us at the upcoming on-line play reading on Tuesday 4 August. Come rain or shine we will be (re) discovering Tennessee Williams, the great American playwright. Further details below.

Unfortunately there will be no panto rehearsals through this summer as   “Sleeping Beauty” will be sleeping for another year and will only be performed in December 2021. But for our young thespians, Jenny, Lale & Julia have planned some activities in September to make up for the loss of Sunday chorus rehearsals. We've called it Panto Rehearsal Alternative - New Kids Sessions or PRANKS .

The Charity Murder Mystery Dinner, planned for September 2020, has had to be postponed as well, what with social distancing restrictions, etc. Please check the productions page for all the details around this from our intrepid director and organiser Jenny.

In case you’re a bit lost as to for what to do this summer, why not immerse yourself into some theatre, in scripts you always wanted to read, discover, act in, direct or produce. We are looking forward to receiving your proposal(s) for Spring and Autumn 2021. Details here!

Oh, and don’t forget we also have our AATG Filmmaking Group. This might be something for you while you’re on holiday with your family, a fun activity for all! Let your creativity flow and show us the results, we’re looking forward to them.

Have a great holiday, stay safe but make the best of summer 2020 😃


AATG Chair

Garden and Balcony Furniture


Having been deprived of the fun and excitement of building a pantomime set, the AATG’s Warehouse team is offering to make high-quality outdoor furniture (tables, benches, planters etc.) to customers’ specifications, as follows:

  • First decide what you’d like to have. You could get basic ideas about such furniture from websites such as Hornbach.
  • You would then decide on the dimensions, material and colour scheme that you would like. 
  • Once you have decided on the basic design, you would then contact Peter Comley to discuss how this furniture could then be made to your specifications. 

The cost would amount to the cost of materials plus a modest contribution towards AATG Warehouse expenses. So you’d not only get genuinely handmade outdoor furniture, you’d also be helping the AATG to weather the storm of the corona crisis!

Upcoming Events 2020 - 2021

  • 29 September: Online Play Reading
  • 4, 5, 6 December: The First AATG Short Film Festival
  • 23-24 April: Spring Production, Het Paradijs 
  • 24 April: Charity Murder Mystery Dinner, Warenar