AATG promotional video: WE NEED YOU!

We want you to star in a zoom-music video to the song 'Merry X-mas Everybody' by Slade.

So what do you need to do?
1. Watch the karaoke music track from Youtube (video below text)
2. Watch the song through to familiarise yourself with the words (using other Slade videos from Youtube if
you need to).
3. Listen to the karaoke song on your ear/headphones, sing along to the track and record yourself on
the camera of your computer or phone (either close up, mid-shot or full-length).
4. Don’t forget to put on some sort of costume… doesn’t matter what it is. If you need to pick up any
costume/wigs from the Warehouse, get in touch (publicity@aatg.nl) and we’ll organise a time to
meet you there.
5. Film yourself as many times you like with as many different costumes as you like and then send in
your video to publicity@aatg.nl either directly by e-mail, or by using a free transfer tool such as wetransfer.com and providing us with the link.

So please do take part, support the group and see yourself on the big screen!

Happily Ever After viewing: 6 December

This year, in lieu of gathering at the Warenar, we will be hosting an online viewing of last year's pantomime, Happily Ever After! The date is set on 6 December at 14:00 so that we can enjoy some of that panto feeling we will all be sorely missing this year.

Tune in here:   Youtube live stream

After the viewing event, we will provide information on how to get your own copy to keep. Kyle will be hosting as he misses you all!

December online play reading

Our next online play reading will be held at 8 p.m. on Thursday 17 December. More info to come! Please see our website or contact John Kearey to find out how you can take part.

The First AATG Short Film Festival

The preparation for our first ever Film Festival is well underway. However, the Covid-19 restrictions have made it very difficult for some people to finish filming (no more than 2 people allowed together). For this reason we have decided to push the Premier Event back one month. Now, the dates are 8, 9 and 10 January 2021. The new deadline for submitting a film is 27 December 2020.

So, there is still time to make a film! As a reminder: you need to make a film from between 1 minute and 20 minutes. You then submit it via the website. There is a small fee to enter, to help us raise some cash in these lean times. On the plus side, there are some great prizes available. The first prize is a smartphone gimbal, an LED light and a handheld audio recorder, everything you need to make great films on your mobile phones! Please visit aatgfilm.nl for more information.


Panto Rehearsal Alternative - New Kids Sessions

Despite the increasingly cold, wet, windy weather our younger members have certainly been keeping warm during their lively Sunday afternoon PRANKS rehearsals at The Warehouse.
Two groups of children have, between them, been working on three Musical Theatre numbers under the guidance of Jenny Hall (singing), Lale Uribeechevarria (dance) and Julia Wright (acting).

We are very excited that we have been given permission to film in the Warenar Theatre on 29th November – so whilst it obviously won’t be the same, they will at least get a taste of being on stage this year, after all. Watch this space for their online performance!

Garden and balcony furniture

Having been deprived of the fun and excitement of building a pantomime set, the AATG’s Warehouse team is offering to make high-quality outdoor furniture (tables, benches, planters etc.) to customers’ specifications, as follows:

  • First decide what you’d like to have. You could get basic ideas about such furniture from websites such as Hornbach.
  • You would then decide on the dimensions, material and colour scheme that you would like. 
  • Once you have decided on the basic design, you would then contact Peter Comley to discuss how this furniture could then be made to your specifications. 

The cost would amount to the cost of materials plus a modest contribution towards AATG Warehouse expenses. So you’d not only get genuinely handmade outdoor furniture, you’d also be helping the AATG to weather the storm of the corona crisis!

Upcoming Events 2020 - 2021

  • 6 December: HEA panto online viewing
  • 17 December: Christmas play reading
  • 27 December: Deadline for entries to AATG Short Film Festival
  • 8, 9, 10 January: the first AATG Short Film Festival
  • 14 and 17 January: Auditions for "Macbeth's First Murders"
  • 16-18 April: Spring Production, Kunsthut
  • 24 April: Charity Murder Mystery Dinner, Warenar
  • 2-5 December: Panto 2021 - 'Sleeping Beauty', Theater aan het Spui
Message from the chair