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Thursday 6th July

This year we will be performing Snow White, written by Paul Hendy, on December 8th, 9th and 10th at Theater aan het Spui in The Hague.

We’ve got Goodies and Baddies and Princes and Princesses, Pantomime Horses and Ghastly Ghouls. Rumour has it there’s even going to be a bloke in a dress!

There are lots of songs – solos, duets, big chorus numbers – and all of the Principals will be required to sing.
But don’t panic if you’re not a confident singer, it won’t rule you out of a principal role – we have a fabulous Panto Band and lots of experienced people to work with you.

The Principal Roles are as follows:
Snow White (F) – feisty mighty-girl of a Princess
Queen Liviana (F) – Snow White’s Wicked soft-rock singing Stepmother
Nurse Nellie (M) – bloke in a dress, Snow White’s Nursemaid
Muddles (F/M) – Snow White’s best friend, who’s been in love with her forever…
Herman the Henchman (F/M) – inept side-kick to Queen Liviana, with a not-so-secret burning desire to be a Freddie Mercury impressionist
Prince Charming (M) – possibly more in love with himself than Snow White
Magic Mirror (F/M) – a cameo role that involves a lot of bling!

The Seven Dwarfs (F/M):
Sarge – the bossy one
Cheeky – the tap dancing one - sings a solo
Brian – the miserable one
Sniffy – the sneezy-snotty one - permanently sounds like he/she has a cold
Groover – the funky dancing one - possibly break dancing?
Striker – the football crazy one - does ‘keepy-uppys’ on stage
Loopy - the dopey one - no lines but lots of physical comedy

Auditions will take place at the
AATG Warehouse De Star 5, 2266NA Leidschendam
Thursday 6th July 19:30 
Sunday 9th July 14:00

Please arrive on time and be prepared to stay for approx. 2 hours.
The auditions will include warm-up games, improvisation, script reading and possibly a bit of a sing-a-long!

Please request an AUDITION FORM from and bring it along with you to the auditions – thank you.

Please note: Anyone auditioning for a principal role must be age 16 or older on 14th June 2017

Chorus sign-ups, for ages 7 and above, will be held on Sunday 3rd September.
All info will be on our website

When and where

AATG Warehouse De Star 5, 2266NA Leidschendam Thursday 6th July 19:30  Sunday 9th July 14:00
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