​Jack and the Beanstalk Audition Sign-up

The form below is for people wishing to sign up for the auditions for a principal role in the AATG Pantomime this coming December. The audition is only for principal roles. Participation in the chorus does not require an audition and more details will be placed on the site in due course.

The audition times are 14 June at 19:30 and 17 June at 14:00 at our warehouse at De Star 5, Leidschendam

Please note - only adults (aged 16 and above) will be considered for roles as principals. Children (aged fifteen and under) are invited to take part in the junior chorus, the sign-up for which will be after the summer holiday.

AATG Pantomime Auditions - What to expect. 

If you haven’t been to a panto audition before, I’m sure you’re wondering what to expect. It’s a very casual and fun experience, yes fun! Please expect to be there for the whole period of the audition as there will be several different elements that we will want you to take part in. 

These are a few questions we often get asked. If we don’t answer your question please don’t hesitate to email Jenny and Emma via the contact form

Why don’t we send out any scripts/songs to prepare? 
We feel that it gives an unfair advantage over those who haven’t been given the material and so therefore it’s best that everyone reads from cold. Don’t worry we will take this into account when we watch you. 

Do I HAVE to sing? 
Nobody HAS to sing. If the role you are auditioning for has a song in the panto and you don’t like singing we will consider cutting the song. 

What happens at the audition? 
The running order will go something like this:
  1. A short get-to-know-you/warm-up game. 
  2. Introduction to the team
  3. Introduction to the characters
  4. Reading for characters. Scripts will be handed out and you will be asked to read for a role. There may not be time to see you read for all the roles you are interested in. Don’t worry. We can work out where you are best suited. 
  5. Singing audition. This will be something simple (like Frere Jacque) sung in groups of your chosen character.
  6. Don’t call us. We’ll call you! If you are successful, the director will call you to offer you a part. Once all the roles are filled an email will be sent out informing everyone of the chosen cast. We would like to encourage anyone not chosen to be involved either in the chorus or backstage. 
The production team are looking forward to seeing you at one of the auditions on Thursday 14th (19.30) or Sunday 17th (14.00) June @ Warehouse, De Star 5 Leidschendam. 

Director - Jenny Hall
Producer - Emma de Moel
Writer - John Hall

Musical Director - Martin Hartog. 

​Panto Chorus Enrollment

The panto chorus does not require any audition. To sign up please fill in the form below. Enrollment for children under 16 must be done by their legal guardians.