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King Arthur - The Panto

2nd December, 3rd December, 4th December


The Kingdom of Camelot is a dull and dreary place to live. At least that’s how King Uther feels. Merlin the Wizard tries to keep things running smoothly but Morgana has her eyes on the throne and will stop at nothing to claim it. Using her witchy powers together with her frustrating nephew Mordred, she plans to get rid of King Uther and his son Arthur.

Will Morgana seize the throne of Camelot for her own cruel and selfish reign or will Arthur vanquish her evil and claim his rightful place as King?

Come to the show to find out and while you are there, help our heroes save Camelot!

‘King Arthur’ the Panto is a fun and energetic show full of songs, dances and plenty of jokes for the whole family!

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After School Special : An AATG Youth One Act Production

Sunday 25th September 18:30
Join the AATG for the one act play 'After School Special' by Donna Brightwell

With the guys too shy to ask the girls, and the girls too shy to ask the guys, will anyone be going to the Senior Prom? Luckily, the waitress at the coffee shop takes a hand.

See this hilarious one act featuring the youth of the AATG

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A Second chace to see award winning play 'Alas Poor Fred'


WINNER of 3rd Prize and BEST ACTRESS award at FEATS2016 in Brussels (May 2016). A classic of absurd theatre. Directed by Anne-Marie Bellefroid. 

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